On Rebecca Watts’ poem Spiritus Mundi Reloaded

In my last update I mentioned that I had tried comparing Rupi Kaur to other poets and was unable to. That was an update I promised myself was going to focus on Rebecca Watts – my first draft was a comparison of the two, but I abandoned it. After finishing Rebecca Watts' The Met Office... Continue Reading →

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A Tactics Ogre Metanarrative

After saving the world from my adoptive sister's dead father – who in traveling through the gates of hell was transformed into an evil ogre wizard – and placing her on the throne, where she rightfully belongs, putting an end to decades of war and creating a peace said to last 1000 years, I was... Continue Reading →

The Great Rupi

In the age of Instagram, it's hard not to think of Jimmy Gatz. That young man doctored his entire life around the appearance of success because he thought it would give him a leg up towards actual success, towards his actual ambitions. As Gatsby he decided he had come from a rich family, attended the... Continue Reading →


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